Photography for E-commerce

29 Apr

If products do not look great visually they are not going to be sold easily. There are many consumers shopping online today. Photography for e-commerce has become important.

There were disadvantages of shopping online once upon a time. Consumers complained that they were unable to touch or check the products before buying them. The same is of today. But now the pictures of the products are more professional and worthy of buying. This all despite the consumers still cannot touch or feel. But what they see is so eye-catching that it must be bought with the right click! And this is the power of photography for e-commerce. Web storeowners also realize that professional photographs of their products are very essential for selling them online. Good-looking pictures can make the buyer feel he/she is able to touch and decide to buy. And this is a great strategy for selling; it is cost effective and less time consuming. The product delivered to the buyer is just the same as the visual with a few varying degrees! And when the buyer does not feel cheated the process of online buying can be continued. So if the online merchant needs to ensure a steady flow of business he can ensure that he has the best product pages. There are many e-commerce photographic jobs that are being done daily by photo studios.

To achieve this some points can prove useful:

Think about how real it can be while one is actually shopping. Making it real means the products shot should look the same. What is in the picture should also be the same when sold to the consumer. This means that quality control is paramount while shooting the products. Each product needs to be displayed with clarity so that the consumer has a choice of zooming on the picture and reading the contents and information.  For the online buyer the visual has to be most riveting. Like regular buying the customer is king while shopping on the Internet. So web store managers who invest in good and high quality pictures of their products fare well when it comes to business.

If you are distributing the same products as an online stockiest then don’t use the same looking picture that another store uses. Use power play and get more professional shots done. Outsource the work to a professional firm and see the results. Always take pictures of the same product from different angles. And make sure they are displayed so that the consumer is not deceived in any manner. On the Internet the sales are dependent on the details of the products. Perhaps it is an alternative visual or angle that will help a person to click and buy the item. Details can be done with close up. Hence photos with zoom facility score over others. Product reviews also are important with the pictures. So web managers need to balance the two. Zoom also helps in preparing the consumer for a better and clear view. Photographers are themselves seeking innovative ways to improvise and better their skills. For once it is literally true that one picture can sell better than what a thousand words of a salesman!

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Md. Asaduzzaman Shakil
Owner and Chief Photographer of


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